Dispute resolution solicitors

Always on your side

Disputes and conflicts are unfortunately a fact of life, whether you want to be involved in one or not. Sometimes you need to take action to protect your rights – sometimes you need to defend yourself when those rights have being challenged.  Either way, you need someone on your side who understands these issues and the practicalities involved. We are here to help.

Dispute Resolution covers many things including property, land and neighbour disputes, will and inheritance claims, employment law problems, consumer complaints, professional negligence claims, business contract disputes and personal injury claims. Effective dispute resolution can often help to reduce the costs associated with conflicts, as well as minimise the damage these issues so often cause to relationships, be they personal or professional.

If informal negotiations break down or do not yield the desired outcome, then Mediation or other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) should be explored prior to going to court. There has been a shift away from Court action unless absolutely necessary and litigation should be seen as a last resort due to the costs and stress involved.  We will explain the different options open to you.

Our dispute resolutions lawyers have years of experience in getting the job done.  They will be on your side to offer practical as well as legal advice to try and achieve the best possible outcome for you, whether you are bringing or defending a claim.