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  • Employment contracts
  • Staff handbooks
  • Other employment issues
  • Booking terms & conditions
  • Supplier agreements



Why Thomson Hayton Winkley?

Contracts make the the business world go round – or at least make it function!  Whether those are contracts of employment, or contracts with customers or suppliers it is important to get these right to help avoid expensive and stressful disputes arising in the future.

We know how important staff are when running a business and that staffing issues in the hospitality industry can throw up all kinds of issues.  We can help.  For more information see our Employment Services for Business page.

It is also important to ensure that you have all your other contracts in place.  Booking Terms & Conditions are particularly important in order to protect yourself as best you can when a guest wants to cancel, or causes damage.  And don’t forget your business to business contracts with suppliers or business customers.  Starting with the right contractual foundations is such an important part of your business.  Our Agreement, Contracts and Terms page has further information.  Or you can simply contact us.


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