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  • Mediation
  • The collaborative process
  • Arbitration

Why Thomson Hayton Winkley?

We understand just how stressful a relationship breakdown can be and always aim to avoid the expense and stress of Court proceedings if possible.  There are alternative options available to help settle your case amicably.

A referral to mediation can help you find a solution through face to face discussion in a neutral environment.  The mediator will help you identify the issues and help find solutions at a pace you are comfortable with.  We can advise you on the outcome of a mediated agreement and prepare the paperwork for a binding agreement.

In Collaborative Law both parties and their solicitors commit to reaching solutions by agreement, rather than through the Courts.  Face to face communication between the parties can help to reduce costs and improve the chances of working well together in the future.

Arbitration in family cases is relatively new.  When both parties agree to arbitrate their financial or child disputes, they appoint a suitably qualified person to adjudicate for them.  They accept the arbitrator’s decision will be final and binding and that, if necessary, they will need to apply to the Court for an Order to give it effect.  We can help you source the right arbitrator for you and represent you throughout the process.