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  • Consumer Act 2015 advice
  • Disputes with trades
  • Faulty goods advice
  • Disputes with professionals
  • Someone owes you money
  • Small Claims advice and representation

Why Thomson Hayton Winkley?

A consumer problem might involve relatively modest sums of money, or it might be something worth tens of thousands of pounds.  Either way you need to know your rights and what you can do about it.

For small issues over faulty goods or services, it usually not economic to instruct a Solicitor, because of the costs involved. In those cases we would suggest looking for advice from places like  Citizens Advice or Which? who provide useful summaries of the law and guidance to help you write letters and submit complaints.

But where the value of the item or services is worth more – for example issues regarding a car or motorhome, or problems with extensive building works – the cost could be justified, particularly if you have been unsuccessful yourself.  We know and understand consumer rights and the remedies available to you and often having a Solicitor on your side can help to resolve the matter favourably.

If you find yourself needing to bring, or defend a County Court claim, we can also help.  It is worth noting that any claim with a value of less than £10,000 will be a “small claim” and dealt with under the small claims track – often referred to as the Small Claims Court.  Even if you successfully bring or defend a small claim you are unlikely to recovery your solicitors’ costs and therefore this will be a factor in you deciding whether or not to engage a solicitor.  Sometimes the value or complexity of the matter will justify this, sometimes it will not.  We can provide fixed fee initial advice for a consumer query.  If you need help with preparation of court paperwork we can do this and advise you, but you may then decide to take over the matter yourself.

As with all disputes, the Court will try to encourage settlement before the claim reaches a final hearing.  For small claims, you will be offered Small Claims Mediation (by telephone) and in some cases the Court will fix a Dispute Resolution Hearing.


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