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Agricultural landlord and tenant

What we can help you with

  • Agricultural Holdings Act (AHA) tenancies
  • Succession applications
  • Farm Business Tenancies (FBTs)
  • Grazing agreements and other licences
  • Grant and termination of tenancies
  • Repairs and dilapidations
  • Rent arrears
  • Repossession
  • Alternative arrangements – Share Farming, Contract Farming and Partnerships.
  • Residential tenancies
  • Tribunals and arbitrations

Why Thomson Hayton Winkley and The Rural Law Practice?

Agricultural tenancies are such an important part of the rural land picture and need specialist knowledge and understanding to avoid the numerous pitfalls that they can throw up. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant of an entire farm, estate or just a few fields, our specialist rural property lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to assist.

Not having the correct type of agreement in place can store up problems for the future.  Knowing how and when to deal with notices – particularly for Agricultural Holdings Act tenancies, is vital as it could mean the difference between keeping or losing the farm, or at best being forced to take a new tenancy on less favourable terms.  If issues become contentious we can represent you at court, in a tribunal or at arbitration.  Mediation and alternative dispute resolution is also always a consideration.

Having a good working relationship with local land agents is vital and something we are proud of.  We also have the benefit of having Nigel Davis (the founder of the Rural Law Practice) as a consultant. Nigel has some 50 years experience of dealing with agricultural law and rural issues, with a particular interest in agricultural tenancies.  He is one of the co-authors of “The Agricultural Precedents Handbook” and  “Agricultural Tenancies” – which are essential reading for rural property lawyers!



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