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What we can help you with

  • Alcohol and entertainment licencing
  • New Premises Licences
  • Licence Variations
  • Advice for Personal Licence holders and Designated Premises Supervisors
  • Transfers
  • Club Premises Certificates

Why Thomson Hayton Winkley?

Do you want to sell alcohol from your hotel, pub, cafe, farm shop or brewery? The sale of alcohol and provision of entertainment is governed by the Licensing Act 2003 and the licensing regime is operated by your local authority.  If you want to provide entertainment (such as music, dancing, cinema or sports) and/or sell or supply alcohol for consumption on or off your premises, you will need to obtain the appropriate licence or permission.  Failure to do so can lead to a very expensive fine!

Applying for a new Premises Licence involves preparation of the appropriate application and submission to the relevant authorities.  You must also advertise it.  Before the application can be submitted you will need to give careful consideration to how you will meet the “licensing objectives” and prepare an Operating Schedule and compliant plan. Our licensing laywers are experienced in making these applications and will advise you how best to approach the process.  A badly prepared application could lead to objections or representations being made, which could delay the process and prove more costly in the long run.

We are also happy to review your existing licence and assist with variations if necessary.

Answering your questions

How much do you charge for licensing work?

Our hourly rate as of 1 January 2024 is £318 (£265.00 + £53 VAT) per hour.

We do not offer a fixed quote for this work, but an indication of the likely fees are set out below. These assume that there are no unforeseen complications.

Application for a New Premises Licence

  • with no representations – £1,122 (£935 + £187 VAT) to £1,380 (£1,150 + £230 VAT).
  • with resolved representations – £1,380 (£1,150 + £230 VAT) to £1,620 (£1,350 + £270 VAT).
  • with a Licensing Committee Hearing – £1,980 (£1,650 + £330 VAT) to £2,760 (£2,300 + £460 VAT).

Application for a Full Variation

  • with no representations – £900 (£750 + £150 VAT) to £1,122 (£935 + £187 VAT).
  • with resolved representations – £1,122 (£935 + £187 VAT) to £1,380 (£1,150 + £230 VAT).
  • with a Licensing Committee Hearing – £1,620 (£1,350 + £270 VAT) to £2,520 (£2,100 + £420 VAT).

Application for a Minor Variation

  • £384 (£320  + £64 VAT) to £660 (£550 + £110 VAT).

Application for a Personal Licence

  • Approximately £264 (£220 + £44 VAT).

Change of Designated Premises Supervisor

  • Approximately £330 (£275 + £55 VAT).

Transfer of Premises Licence

  • Approximately £330 (£275 + £55 VAT).

Fees payable to the Local Authority

In addition to our charges, you will be required to pay a fee of the Local Authority. These fees are based on the rateable value of the property and details of the fees can be found here  Local authority licensing fees

Other fees payable

All applications for new premises licences or variations must be advertised on the premises and in a local newspaper.  There will be a fee payable for that advert in the region of £300 (£250 + £50 VAT).

What does your service include?

For all new licensing applications and variations we will:

  • Review your existing licence (if applicable).
  • Consider your requirements and advise you of your options.
  • Review the plans of the premises.
  • Draft the application for your approval.
  • Submit the application to the Licensing Authority and all relevant Responsible Authorities.
  • Arrange advertisement of the Application on the premises and in local newspaper.
  • Liaise with you if any representations or objections are made and seek to reach compromise with those raising them.
  • Arranging barrister representation for you if a hearing is necessary (including full preparation).
  • Forwarding licence once granted and reminding you of your obligations.

How long will it take?

Once the application is ready and submitted to the local authority and processed by them, there is a consultation period of 28 days.  If no representations are made within that 28 day period, the licence (or variation) will be granted.

If there are representations, the licensing authority will fix a committee hearing which will take place within approximately 4 weeks of those of the consultation period.

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