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Do you have a large rental property portfolio, or are you an “accidental landlord”?  Whether you let one property, or several, it is vital that you do things properly as mistakes can be expensive if you are looking to regain possession or have other disputes with your tenants.  This area of law has changed much over the last few years, and often landlords are caught out because they have failed to comply with new rules and regulations.

There are different procedures depending on whether there are rent arrears, other breaches of tenancy, or whether you simply want – or need – to get your property back without any fault on the part of the tenant.  You might need to serve a Section 8 Notice, a Section 21 Notice, or both.  You might be able to use the “accelerated possession” procedure, but not if you are looking to recover rent arrears at the same time.  Remember, tenants have protection from eviction, and you cannot simply change the locks yourself!  You must follow the correct process and procedures through the Court.

One of our experienced team will review your tenancy agreement and other paperwork, before advising you whether steps need to be taken before any notices can be served.  We will advise you what type of notice(s) can be served and ensure this is done correctly, so that if you do need to commence possession proceedings through the Courts, everything will be in order.  We can deal with all steps of those proceedings up to and including the final hearing and arranging eviction if necessary.

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