Farming Review – get your ducks in order!

Why a Farming Review can help you get your ducks in order!

Rural disputes are unfortunately a fact of life.  Whether people fall out with their neighbour over a boundary wall, or with their family over a will or partnership, the one thing we have learnt from helping people resolve these disputes is that many of them could have been prevented, or mitigated with a bit of forward planning, by way of a Farming Review.

We know that nobody likes to pay a Solicitor!  But often the amount you would pay us to get things right in the first place is a whole lot less than you would have to pay to try and resolve a dispute – not to mention the stress, and often distress, that such disputes cause, particularly if another family member is involved.

So take a few minutes to think…

  • Have you inherited land from a family member?
  • Are parts of your farm unregistered?
  • Do you know who has rights over your land or what rights you have?
  • Are you thinking about retiring or handing over the farm?
  • Do you have a partnership agreement?
  • Do you have a new partner coming in?
  • Is someone getting married?
  • Do you have long term health issues?
  • Have you got a recent will and powers of attorney?
  • Are you looking to diversify?
  • Are you taking on a new tenancy?


We offer farmers a free “Farming Review”, which will typically involve a meeting of up to an hour where we will take all the details, review the documents you have and advise what you might need.   This might include us recommending partnership agreements, wills, powers of attorney, prenuptial agreements, declarations of trust, or the registration of land.  It is important to take an overview and deal with everything holistically.

For more information about our Farming Reviews contact Heather Bland or Kath Milburn on 015395 67571 or email

Farmer Network Members also have the benefit being able to seek free initial advice via the Network.

So remember – get your ducks in order, and don’t bury your head!

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