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Farming reviews

What we can help you with

  • Are you taking on a new tenancy?
  • Are you thinking about retiring or handing over the farm?
  • Do you have a new partner coming in?
  • Is someone getting married?
  • Do you have long term health issues?
  • Have you got a recent will and powers of attorney?
  • Are you looking to diversify?

Why Thomson Hayton Winkley and The Rural Law Practice?

Don’t leave the future of your farm to chance.  Whilst we are happy to help pick up the pieces if things go wrong – it is usually less stressful and less expensive to have the right documentation in place from the start.  But don’t worry if you have not had the time or inclination to do this, or even if you are burying your head, we are here and can help.

We offer farmers a free “Farming Review”, which will typically involve a meeting of up to an hour where we will take all the details, review the documents you have and advise what you might need.   This might include partnership agreements, wills, powers of attorney, prenuptial agreements, declarations of trust, or registration of land.  It is important to take an overview and deal with everything holistically.

Planning for the future is one thing you can do to help take, and keep, control.  Don’t leave these important things to chance.

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