Overwhelmed by technology? An LPA can help with that!

How an LPA can help with technology issues.

It is entirely sensible to appoint attorneys to manage your property and financial affairs so that if in the future you lack mental capacity, your chosen attorneys can step in to assist you. This is done by making a Lasting Power of Attorney in which you name your chosen attorneys and state how they can act on your behalf.

However, what people often don’t realise is that your attorneys can, if you ask them to, act on your behalf even when you still have mental capacity. This may become more valuable when you think about how we are all living longer lives in a world where technological advances are rapid.

Fifty years ago, we had to manage our finances without cash machines and the internet. Nowadays we rarely go into the bank on the high street and when we do, we are not served by staff we know and who know us. Ownership of our home and bank accounts used to be proved by producing physical deeds or bank books, but now we rely on computerised records. The internet allows financial transactions to take place at the click of a mouse or the prod of a mobile phone screen.

Most of us want to live involved lives for as long as possible but not everyone aspires to keep up with all technological advances. An attorney might just be what is required to help keep your affairs in order when you no longer want to learn how to operate the latest technology or gadget.

Lasting Powers of Attorney could be viewed as an insurance policy for a time which may never come (when you lack mental capacity), however having attorneys might also be a good defence against the incessant march of technology.