10 Reasons NOT to make a will?

Why should I make a will?

1. I know for a fact I’m never going to die!

2. My spouse deserves everything he/she gets, so I’m happy for him/her to suffer trying to sort out my estate without a will!

3. I don’t care who looks after my children – they can go into care while the court sorts it out!

4. My partner and I aren’t married – he/she won’t get my house or any of my estate, but I don’t care!

5. My children can fall out about who gets what – I’m not bothered!

6. The government can get my money – my family have enough!

7. I’m getting divorced, but I don’t care if my ex gets everything!

8. I don’t care if my family have to pay Inheritance Tax – I can’t be bothered to plan ahead!

9. My pet can roam the streets after my day – it’s not my problem anymore!

10. Why do I need to bother making funeral plans? I won’t be here, they can leave my body on the rubbish dump if they like, I don’t care!These are reasons NOT to make a will. Do any of them apply to you?

Protect the ones you love – ask about making a will today.

Published 9 June 2017

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